Officers and Executives
Oklahoma Educational Publishers Associations
Greg Sprayberry
Delisa Nichols
Delisa NicholsVice-President
Betty O'Brien
Betty O'BrienSecretary and Treasurer
Connie Reimers
Connie ReimersParliamentarian
Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell3 Year Term - Expires May 2019
Donna Bigbee
Donna Bigbee(3 Year Term - Expires May 2019)
Melissa Arnett
Melissa ArnettPast-President
Cassidy Green
Cassidy GreenOut-of-State-Member (3 Year Term - Expires May 2020)
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Greg Sprayberry
Greg Sprayberry
(405) 206-9881
Mission Statement
"Our desire is to participate as active and cooperativer friends and consultants to those in whoses hands rest the destiny of education in Oklahoma."
PO Box 60160
Oklahoma City, OK 73146
Phone (800) 456-2828
Fax (405) 524-5443